Working from the visceral truth that healing, strengthening, knowledge, health, clarity, and well-being comes from a comprehensive connection with the intelligence of your body, I offer private Pilates sessions focused on the full commitment to guiding clients to feel an empowered force through the activity of their bodies. I work closely with the precise needs of each client by honoring each person's intention, physical history, determination, and purpose of action in order to foster a process of transformation. I resist ideologies rooted in myths and systems geared towards fixing or changing a person in order to fulfill an oppressive and ableist notion
of health and beauty, but rather seek to vitalize each client through Pilates work informed by my over 30 years as a dancer and 14 years as a Pilates instructor. My aim is for each client to feel a holistic sense of wellness and power from each session they attend.

Types of sessions:

Private session
Duration 1 hour

Private session (mat work in your home)
Duration 1 hour

Semi-private session (duet or trios)
Duration 1 hour

Group Class
Duration 55 min

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